Sup guys, a quick run down on one of the biggest circle lens online stores. Got a promo code and stuff, so you guys can add a “mystery gift,” so they call it, when you buy a pair of lenses from them, yeah?

So here’s their cute af website: image

Notice that they’re having a promo - it happens. I especially recommend buying around the Christmas holiday season, because there’s some crazy sales and free shipping and it’s real great. Free express shipping for over $130, by the way.
You gotta believe me when I say that I’ve looked around a shitton of circle lens stores, and Pinky Paradise definitely has the largest selection from everything I’ve seen. Really helps when you’re looking for the one pair of lenses for cosplay - also, PP usually has all the specific ones I want, so I only have to pay the shipping once (thank god). They also seem to be always coming out with new series of enlarging contacts - it’s mostly fashion based. (Feel free to hit me up for some cosplay-geared lenses though, we all know that we need the opaque ones haha.)

Feel free to shop around a little bit if you need circle lenses

Seriously, praise their website organization.image

Some stores just ask you what brand you want, sometimes - and honestly, I usually have no idea, so thank god for good sorting, jeebus. 

Really recommend PP, as you can see, I’m getting ready to get another batch of lenses haha. I suggest you order with friends, the shipping can really pack a punch sometimes. 
Closing this off with my promo code: hetchrome


u look like the kinda person who doesnt give pencils back



The rest of the space is going to be pretty pissed when they see this. 

did you google how to take a screen shot


Found some white hairspray from halloween so I’m tryin’ to be Jack Frost. I think it goes well with my pasty skin and blue eyes.
Tryna stay warm too but I can’t cause I’m dead :( :(

"south park?"
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struggling between drawing in the show’s style like ive been doing lately

or drawing gay shit like



this is why I have trust issues

OK BUT!!!! do any of you realize how precious one person can be to kenma,he has barely had any close friends in his entire life and has always had troubles trying to fix that and then hinata comes in the picture and makes him feel comfortable, to the point where kenma is actually longing to see him again and makes some effort in his plays, something he has never shown before. cue tears


okay but light yagami tried hard in school and got good grades and look at what happened to him

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